A Review of the 6 Person Hot Tub of 40 Jets

Outdoor and indoor hot tubs are not only used for quick soaks are now more commonly known to provide health benefits. This is brought about by technological advancements that resulted to hydrotherapy even people are at their own homes or gardens through indoor and outdoor hot tubs.

If you’re looking for hot tubs for sale in the mid-price range, try this hot tub for 6 of the Home and Garden Spas. Although it’s not among the cheap hot tubs, it’s not very expensive when it comes to hot tub prices. It’s loaded with features that increase the level of comfort and soothing experience. If you read further, you’ll find its features in details.

What are the features of this hot tub?

  • capacity to accommodate 6 persons
  • digital control panel that is user-friendly
  • slip-resistant surface
  • 40 adjustable steel jets
  • music player feature and water-resistant speakers
  • 6 Horse Power motor

Capacity to Accommodate 6 Persons

Often, size is one of the aspects that buyers consider before choosing which type of hot tub is to be purchased especially if they think about sharing a great experience with others. Its 6 person hot tub dimensions accommodate many so this

Slip Resistant Surface Feature

6 Person Hot TubFor safety purposes, it is better to choose a type of hot tub that has a slip-resistant surface. It is even highly recommended for safety precautionary purposes.

MP3 Input Feature

This type of hot tub also comes with MP3 input plus a sub-woofer and speakers that are waterproof. Through this feature, you can enjoy the rejuvenating hydrotherapy while listening to relaxing music. This feature definitely takes a great experience of relaxation to the next level.

40 Customizable Steel Jets

This hot tub has 40 customizable steel jets that are really strategically located in a way that provides you with relaxing massage effect. These jets are used to relax the neck, shoulders, calves and feet.

User-friendly Digital Control Panel

This feature helps you adjust different settings like temperature as well as the jet’s pressure without having to be a tech expert.


Aside from the steel jets and the interesting speaker system using an MP3, its quiet motor also adds to the factors that make this hot tub a great tool for relaxation. Also, its lounger seat and comfortable cushion headrest are great additions to this.

However, if you are not really into technology and electronics, you will need the help of an electrical contractor to have this installed and hooked up in 220 volts of outlet. If you are after the convenience of the plug and play type and portable hot tubs, I’m afraid this one is not really meant for you.

In an overall perspective, this Home and Garden Spas 6-Person 40-Jet Hot Tub is a great choice for people who enjoy something that has greater and finer features that can be enjoyed for many years and it’s definitely one of the best hot tubs for relaxation. However, feel free to check out other hot tub reviews before making your final decision so that whatever you will purchase will definitely be the best hot tub for you.