Apollo Spas

Hot tub accessories are a must if you want to maintain the pristine condition of your precious outdoor spa. High-end brands like Apollo pools and spas require regular conditioning to keep them in tiptop shape so you don’t have to pay for unnecessary fixes from your local plumber. Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life span of your portable spa, but it also helps you save on electric consumption. Perhaps you bought your hot tub for your family and friends. Thus, their safety is your priority. Accessories like hot tub covers prevent avoidable injuries like dropping accidentally into an open tub. You can check the top three reasons why certain accessories can make your outdoor hot tub eco-friendly.

First, Apollo spa covers helps you economize on power consumption by conserving the heat in your swim spa. Spa handles protect you from touching hot surfaces while you wait for the water to be warm enough. Since Jacuzzis and swim spas use a significant amount of electrical power and emit steam, they produce carbon dioxide that can pollute our environment. A spa cover helps contain this noxious gas so that your hot tub can safely get rid of it.

Apollo SpasSecond, Apollo hot tub covers minimize water loss through evaporation. This function helps you avoid having to refill the water in the tub frequently, saving you about 75% of your usual water consumption. You can save a lot of water especially if you keep your tub covered when not in use. Aside from economizing on water use, you can keep your Apollo spas tub clean from dirt and debris which can not only make your bath dirty but can also make it a breeding ground for insects and microorganisms. Dirt can eventually cause serious damage to a tub’s massage mechanism and can clog filters. Imagine how much it will cost to replace a broken jetpack or a damaged filter just because of neglect.

Lastly, if you choose to have an Apollo spa cover, you are helping protect and preserve the environment. There are a lot of spa covers to choose from. You can pick non-foam handles because they are sturdier and less dangerous. A good spa cover can very well outlive inferior covers and can last more than 10 years if well taken care of. Spa covers are very easy to maintain since you just have to clean it with soap and water. If for any reason your non-foam spa breaks, it is eco-friendly because it does not contribute to heaps of non-biodegradable trash.