Catalina Spa Accessories and Features

Is there a better way to spend a special evening with your loved one or have a great time with your friends than relaxing in a swim spa like the three-person, 29-jet Catalina swim spa? With an automated air flow, you’ll have unforgettable moments while unwinding in swirling waters of the Catalina Spa, which comes with four high-powered pumps and hydrotherapy mechanism. Catalina hot tubs also come with a lounger that you can extend your legs on and two bucket seats as your most comfortable spot. What’s more, they feature three head rest pillows to lay your nape on and relax after a busy day at the office. You have total control over your Catalina spa’s parts and the 4 KW heater with the revolutionary Balboa Electronic Topside Control, which is unprecedented in the market as a high-powered, user-friendly, and durable device. As you know, Balboa Spa parts are world-renowned for quality and design. You just have to flip through the pages of your Catalina spa manual to know the hot tub parts work.

Catalina SpaThe Lucite X-Tra cast acrylic shell doesn’t require much maintenance either. You can clean it with the 25-sqare-feet filter that comes with a top load so it isn’t cumbersome to move around. When you buy your Catalina Spa and Catalina Spa parts, you know you are in good hands because the company is confident enough to offer a three-fold warranty: 5 years on the body, 3 years on the control system, and 3 years on the motor pumps. Do you still have doubts or second thoughts?

It doesn’t stop there because there are a whole lot of options for you, too. You can customize the appearance of your hot tub with stainless steel jets, LED lights around the corners, and cabinet-down lights on the seats or on the steps to guide your way. If you want to save energy, you can add the Aquapure Ozonator, which optimally cleans the water without relying on too much chemicals. Moreover, you can get a winterizing system that saves you energy as well. You can choose from different shapes and sizes of Catalina spa covers, which can be locked and withstand some weight-bearing. If you find the spa covers quite heavy, you can purchase a custom cover lifter. PVC steps are also available so you don’t accidentally slip on or trip on your way. Tired of sitting in your office desk for eight hours? Collar jets are recommended so you can relax your tense neck muscles. For entertainment and music buffs, you can take advantage of stereo systems and the artificial waterfall. You can choose from the WOW stereo with 2 speakers on the cabinet or the VibraSound with 4 speakers, transcducers, and subwoofers in the body.

Since Choose Hot Tubs Direct and Heavenly Spas have forged a great partnership, it’s the best time to check out hot tub prices and hot tubs for sale. Reach for your wallet and get this amazing hot tub!