Evolution Spas New Features

If you think Evolution Spas has stopped innovating and reinventing its brand, think again. Evolution Spas has time and time again lived up to its name of constantly evolving its craft in designing only the best hot tubs in the market. Some of the recent improvements are the following:

  • 3Zone disinfection
  • Combined ozone reaction chamber
  • Improved ultraviolet system
  • Silver ions embedded in a 1-micron filter

These revolutionary enhancements ensure that the water is clean and safe with less chlorine and chemical disinfection, making the Evolution Spa absolutely environment-friendly. Moreover, the Evolution Spa now has an integrated entertainment system courtesy of SpaTunes with a 360-degree Omni surround stereo system. The sound penetrates through the water so you can hear it even if you fully immerse yourself!

The newest release called the SV series created by SpaNET also helps you save on your electric bills compared to its predecessors. The SV series will come out at Piscine 2010. Additionally, Evolution released a new swim spa with a water level of 130 cm with a counter-flow to give you the best workout whether you are an active athlete or a regular office girl.