Get only the best from Leisure Bay Hot Tubs

Leisure Bay Spa has been consistently in the run of giving and producing only the best and the finest types and classes of hot tubs and spas. Well, basically Leisure bay wants to keep the three factors which make them soar high in this business steady. These three are namely: the quality which they want their clients to enjoy, the style and design to make their products a total head turner and of course, affordability to avoid any deviation from average earner customers. In order to set the best mood and extra shine as well as vibrancy in any place at your home, Leisure Bay keeps it a point to deliver and execute the modern designs with their extravagant and fabulous in depth details. In addition to their high class and expensive looking designs, they also conduct various research and discussions in order to discover variety of technologies which they can apply with their products to continuously innovate and upgrade. These things of course are done in order to pave way to utmost peace and relaxation that can be enjoyed by users.

Why Choose Leisure Bay?

Leisure Bay Hot TubYou’ve got nothing to ask from Leisure Bay when it comes to the quality of their products because they are absolutely taken care of and have been built to last and offer convenience to people. In order to assure these things to people, they do quality tests before they launch a certain product into the market. They make sure that they accomplish every qualification set by the CE standards. These procedures are also being done in order to make sure that no defects and manufacturing errors can be observed on their products. Various experts are also being invited in order to ensure that their hot tubs are safe to be used by clients and customers.

Designers of Leisure Bay Spa always think of the relaxation and the home spa experience of users when they are planning and lay outing the various details that would be present on the product. Of course, it has been the vision of Leisure Bay to give you only the most amazing and spectacular when it comes to having your spa experience right at your home. Moreover, leisure bay gives you variety of innovative tools and control setting in order for you to get that desired home spa experience of yours. In the recently released hot tubs and spa models, you’ll be able to get the color of lighting you want when you’re in the tub. You can feel like being flown into the vast magnificent jungle with the color of light being green or you can feel more relaxed with the color of the water blue, resembling that of the sea water.

Of course, Leisure Bay Spa has been known for their hot tubs which come along with a classic water fall effect. It makes you feel more relaxed and one with the nature. Through its mumbling sounds, you’ll absolutely feel rejuvenated and you’ll be able to forget all those hassle and stress from your respective professional careers. Moreover, you’ll get more into the serenity offered by the Leisure bay hot tub when this water fall effect has been combined with the LED light of your choice. Another feature of Leisure bay which they it takes pride on is their touch screen control setting monitor. Through it, you’ll absolutely get what you prefer in the most convenient and easiest way. The newly discovered technological innovation which can be found in Leisure Hay Spa hot tubs is the tri-mix insulation. You don’t have to get worried with any damage which can be done with the surface of your tub, because it is resistant to impact because surfaces of Leisure Bay hot tubs are only made from several layers of acrylic.

Leisure Bay Hot TubsThe cabinets which are built in on leisure bay spas and hot tubs are very durable. They have been attested to various worse and severe weather conditions, and they have been able to withstand and endure these all. Another thing that will make you mesmerized with Leisure Bay is their filters and 24 hour-circulation pump. These hot tub parts have been designed and built only for Leisure Bay in order to ensure high quality and performance. Actually, the water in the spa is being recycled for 15-20 times a day. The hot tubs offered by Leisure Bay come with a Balboa ozonator. This tool basically is a tool which would let users customize the water, air pressure and it also aids in the water filtration process. One of the goals which the Leisure Bay tries it best to achieve is to deliver optimum quality of water without utilizing too much chemicals. Also, the Balboa ozonator makes it possible to regulate the preferred temperature of the tub’s water, making sure that you get to save energy. Of course, you don’t want to get surprised with expensive water and electrical bills, and leisure bay can assist you when it comes to this matter.

Hot tubs covers are very vital upon your purchase because it ensures safety and protection of your hot tub from various environmental elements which may cause damage to your hot tub. However, they are quite expensive, that’s why Leisure Bay hot tubs already come with hot tub covers. Basically you can choose from a wide array of selection: midnight opal, redwood duralife grey, blue grass, oyster opal and a lot more!

Even though Leisure Bay hot tubs and spas have been showered with variety of features and additional accessories. You’ll be able to get these items in a reasonable price, price which is still in the range of your budget.

Types of Leisure Bay Hot Tubs              

Basically, Leisure Bay as one of the best hot tub manufacturers gives its customers various choices to select with their five classification or type of hot tubs namely: Easy Series, the Fourwinds Spa Series, the Polysteel Series, the Celebrity Series and finally, the Elite Series.

Each type have their own features and hot tub prices. Of course, you’ll start with the basic features offered at easy series, not only it is easy to use but also easy to pay. It is the cheapest among the models. On the other hand, the Elite classification of hot tub offers a spacious area and wide range of customizable setting and control in order to please its users with their preferred quality of lighting, regulation of temperature and a lot more.

Leisure bay has been running this business for more than 30 years, with the massive experience, they have known that high quality products combined with top responsive customer care service would result to a booming success. Their customer service are very willing to help and assist customers when they get confused with the instructions given on the item. Also, they never fail to step up the home spa experience of their clients because Leisure bay does not only offer the best hot tubs but also the most stunning and amazing hot tub accessories.

When it comes to buying a hot tub, it is highly suggested and advised by numerous hot tub dealers and hot tubs reviews to get from Leisure Bay Spas, you’ll surely have no regrets!