Home and Garden Spas 6-person Hot Tub

If you think the best hot tubs in the market are only good for a quick bath, you’re very mistaken. Many portable hot tubs now offer therapeutic benefits due to great leaps in technology, making your home spa more than just a pleasurable experience. With the state-of-the-art features of high-end 6 person hot tubs like the Home and Garden Spas outdoor hot tub, you can now unwind while enjoying the health-enhancing benefits of home spa.

The Home and Garden Spas 6-person, 40-jet hot tub designed by Great Escape Spas comes with hefty features within affordable hot tub prices. With the sophisticated comfort and luxury that you can enjoy from this portable hot tub, you know it’s a great buy that you will never regret for the rest of your life. Here are the features that should convince you why.

  1. 6-person Capacity

You want to share your spa experience with as many close friends and family members as possible, so size is a major determinant in choosing a hot tub. Home and Garden Spas offers a 6-person Hot Tub which should seat most of your loved ones. With these huge 6-person hot tub dimensions, the hot tub doesn’t sacrifice quality. It comes with a slip-resistant acrylic surface so no one accidentally slips while climbing in and out of the tub.

  1. MP3 Input with Sub-woofer and Waterproof Speakers

Nothing beats involving all of your senses while relaxing. With the Home and Garden Spas 6-person Hot Tub, you can hook up your MP3 player or iPod and listen to your favorite soundtrack while lounging in the tub. Worried about splashes or ruining the speakers? No need to worry because they are waterproof and durable.

  1. 40 Customizable Stainless Steel Jets

You can adjust the settings of the 40 built-in jets to suit your needs for a massage. They are conveniently located in the tub parts to give you optimum neck, calf, and foot relaxation and all the health benefits of hydrotherapy. Moreover, the jets run very smoothly on a 6 HP motor so you won’t even notice there’s a machine humming beneath. The motor also helps you save on your electric bills.

  1. User-friendly Control System

You don’t need technical know-how to customize the temperature and jet pressure setting of your indoor hot tub. The digital controls are designed with a simple interface and the user’s ease of use in mind. You may need to contact an electrician to hook the tub up to a 220-volt power outlet, though, since it’s not a plug-and-play type of tub.6-person Hot Tub

Why the Home and Garden Spas 6-person Hot Tub?

Of all these awesome features, the 40 jets that will do your bidding are simply amazing.  They give you a unique spa experience without hurting your electric bills. With the discreetly running motor, you won’t even notice it’s a machine. The built-in speaker system adds more appeal to the already great package. The lounger seat with a headrest for you to relax is perfect for everyone who’s had a tiresome day. The Home and Garden Spas combines the luxury and elegance of the best hot tubs and the affordability of cheap hot tubs. You can check hot tub reviews and hot tub prices online to see how many customers have found this tub more than satisfactory. What more is there to ask for?