Quick Fixes For Baja Hot Tub Problems

Baja Spas produces a broad selection of the best hot tubs for your most pleasurable spa experience at home. When you bought your two-person hot tub, you were surely not thinking that it would cause you problems later on. Your hot tub has been well and good for months, but here comes the time when it suddenly floods, the LED lights flicker to death, or the jet pumps stop working. Don’t panic. Sometimes, you can remedy these problems on your own with quick troubleshooting techniques. If it doesn’t work out, you can always call a licensed professional to do the dirty job for you. But read through these foolproof tips on fixing a Baja Spa tub.

  1. If your pressure switches or temperature gauge fails, you would usually see error codes on the tub’s control panel. These error codes refer to problems which may be too technical for you to handle. It is best to contact your local spa dealer to determine the root cause of the issue.
  2. Make sure that your swim spa is hooked to a power source. Try resetting the spa by turning the power off at the breaker box, patiently wait for a few seconds, then turn the power on again.
  3. Fill your tub up with water along the middle of the spa skimmer to ensure that it contains sufficient water level to function. Your spa skimmer may be blocked with dirt or debris, so try cleaning the inside to make sure that water is flowing freely through the spa.
  4. All sources of water inflow should be clean and patent. Check the ozonator and the power plug if they are properly secured and functional.Baja Hot Tub
  5. Properly set the filtration time and water temperature of the spa. You may need to increase the filtration time or regulate he control panel to normal heating mode to maintain optimal temperature.
  6. All water valves must be open to ensure that water is circulating through the pump and heater. Test the different functions of the spa by cycling through each jet function on the control panel. Find out which one works best for your portable spa.
  7. If the problem is with the heating or pump system, or if there’s a gaping hole that leaks the tub’s water to drought, you must call a local dealer or go directly to hot tub manufacturers in your area. Major power problems that you can’t fix by resetting the portable hot tub’s control system also warrant a licensed electrician’s visit.

Whenever there’s a minor glitch with your Baja Spas hot tub, the solution is not always to go rushing for a new hot tub. Sometimes, a simple tweak can do the trick. Many cheap hot tubs or hot tubs for sale may cause you bigger headaches later, so you’d better make an investment with a high-quality 2-person hot tub, which you will get to use for a long time.