Relaxation at Its Best with Leisure Bay Spas

Leisure Bay Spas notable for producing world class and excellent quality spas all around the world is un- doubtfully the world leader in the industry. Their products are second to none and it comes with additional features at a giveaway price. When you talk of the production of hot tub and spa opulence, you cannot but mention the name ‘Leisure Bay Spas’.

Quick History of Leisure Bay Spas

In 1974 with five staff members to be specific, the now world giant in the production of spa opulence and hot tubs was born. Although they started mainly in the production of pools that are above the ground, now they have grown with thirty three (33) factory outlets spread all over the southern Eastern part of the United States of America. Dealers from all around the country and the world get their supply of leisure bay spas in large quantity from Leisure Bay Spas wholesale subdivision. In recent time, statistics has it that around thirty thousand (30,000) leisure bay spas are produced annually, giving room for retailers to also partake in the business foray, coupled with the fact that the brand Leisure Bay Spas is a household name.Leisure Bay Spa

One key factor that has made the Leisure Bay Spas famous is the top notch quality of products they manufacture. Due to its excellent investment in keeping tabs with the latest trend in manufacturing technology and also the employment of expert designers, and a department dedicated to continuous research and development.

Leisure bay spas unique trademark technology such as ‘Tornado Tube Filtration System’, is designed to filter and make the water uncontaminated, and to a larger extent it supersedes even the recommended standard set by the United States of America water Standard regulations.

If you find it stressful maintaining your swim spa and you are looking for alternatives, then you don’t need to look further because Leisure bay spas are well designed to help all users have a stress free maintenance of their swim spa.  It is designed with a unique water drainage feature that gives the spa room power to release water from the bottom. One of the stresses most swim spas users encounter is that, they will have to drain out used water manually. Leisure bay spas are designed with the advantage of consuming low energy compare to others and this is as a result of high insulation and heat conservations.

Advantages of Using Leisure Bay Spas

1. Long Years Of Experience Makes Them Produce Top notch Spas
Due to Leisure bay spas’ many years and consistency in the industry, they have carved a niche for themselves and have attained high level success. The quality of the accessories they produce and their array of leisure bay spa products like patio furniture, gas grills et al that is known all over the world gives them competitive advantage.

2. Customer’s Satisfaction Guaranteed
Their continuous research and development over the years has birth leisure bay spas with special attention on therapy and relaxation. The cross fire jet feature which offers a unique relaxing and rejuvenating experience is one major advantage they have over others.  The cross fire jet is advantageously positioned, and so has to offer different kinds of therapy targeted at various muscles in the human body.

3. Leisure Bay Spas Are Affordable
Leisure bay spas continuous investment in up to date technology, research and development is responsible for the edge their products have over others. People with low budget who desires their products can always afford it because their products are cheap and affordable. Little wonder they have a large patronage.

4. Easy Maintenance
The leisure bay swim spa range of products is easy to clean and maintain. This is why it has become the top choice for everyone. Unlike other swim spas that give the user a hard time to clean. This is because the water has to be scooped out manually.

Leisure bay spa is the one stop shop when it comes to shopping for swim spa and hot tube for both leisure and therapeutic purposes. Finally, be sure that with the leisure bay swim spas, you can never go never wrong .