Replacing Your Spa Pump

Hot tubs can be considered as one of the greatest inventions of human technology since it helps people to get a more convenient life. After a hard day’s work, one can just soak in a hot water bath and forget about all the stressful events that had happened. In addition to that, there are also some health benefits hot tubs can give, such as the hydrotherapy where the main element is the flowing water coming from the water jets (a common feature of hot tubs). Here, the flowing water serves as a massaging streams of water concentrated to different parts of the body. It sounds great to have all of these benefits, but once your hot tub encounters a problem, all of these seem to go away.

You will notice that after a long while of using your hot tub, there will suddenly come a time where a part of it begins to malfunction. One important part of hot tub that you would not want to get broken is the hot tub pump. If this part gets broken, it is imperative to repair it immediately, if you still want to use your hot tub. Usually, hot tub pumps get broken after five years of working, so expect yours to fail once you have reached this long. However, you can actually prolong the life of your hot tub pump by diagnosing it occasionally. Observing how your pump behaves is actually one way on how you can monitor the possible emergence of a problem in the future.

Observing your Hot Tub

There are typical signs of wear and tear of the hot tub pump. One of them is when the water already leaks. Water usually leaks whenever there are cracks in the housing of the pumps. More to that, if the screws or fittings of the pump is not very tight, water may find its way through it. If you leave it that way, this problem will get bigger in time. Consider replacing the housing of the pump if it has lots of cracks and looks more like a shower than a pump.

Another sign of hot tub pumps getting broken is the presence of annoying noises like the rattle of metal. This could mean a clog in the water system since it constrict the smooth movement of the water as it circulates. In addition, check the fitting because the vibrations of the pumps might dislocate the screws in their place, resulting to the noises.

Another sign is when your pump already overheats. The amount of heat that your pump produces should be tolerable. If it feels like it is going to explode because of its high temperature, switch the hot tub off and immediately consult an expert.

Once you have identified the problems related to your pump, you can either replace some of its parts or you can replace the pump completely.

Replacing hot tub pumps

One of the easiest way on how you can replace your hot tub pump is by purchasing the same pump as your previous one. You can actually buy it at the shop where you bought the hot tub itself. You can also try buying from other shops as long as it can fit with the type of pump your hot tub requires. There are just some specifications that should be met, such as the port opening and the HP rating.

However, when you bought the same type of hot tub pump as your previous one, you should consider that it had broken in the past due to some problems. If the reason why it broke cannot be prevented, and if the time it was usable before it had broken was long, then you can still buy the same model. But if the problem is very minor and it actually had broken just because of that, consider upgrading to a higher level of pump. You can replace your pump even with different brand so do not restrict yourself from looking at other types.


Making your Own Hot Tub

There is no better thing to do after a hard day’s work than to relax yourself to the fullest that you can. Over the years, a hot tub has been serving people to give them the relaxation that they always wanted, aside from giving a healthy activity since bathing in hot water helps the body in releasing toxins. But before you dive into the hot tub, perhaps you would like to know how the hot tubs were made and why they are so trending right now.

It is a common knowledge that in the past, water was scarce due to a lot of environmental reasons. In order to save water, containers were used to collect either rain water or water obtained from rivers and other bodies of water for future use. One of the containers used back then was a wooden tub where people would take a bath by soaking their bodies. The water that remained would further be used for washing clothes and other activities that need water.

Whenever the temperature was cold, people would use hot or warm water to take a bath, and this might have been the start of the hot tubs. Since the available materials back then were different kinds of wood, they managed to make a lot of hot tubs.

Nowadays, having a wooden hot tub would seem a little unusual because most people have switched to the most advanced form of hot tubs, those electrical hot tubs with smart sensors and other top-of-the-line hardware.

If you are the type of person who likes to try things on his own, then perhaps you would to build your own hot tub.

Building your own hot tub

Building your own hot tub The process of making a hot tub is not that easy, because there are lots of factors to consider first. Though the process is not easy, it is generally enjoyable throughout, most especially the finishing time when you would have to try your finished product all by yourself.

The first consideration that you have to do is of course, plan. Planning not only helps you grasp the whole idea easily, but it also gives you almost all of the necessary things that you would need to go to the end of your project. You can make a sketch of your hot tub, specifying its dimensions such as the depth, the length and the width of the tub itself. Most hot tubs have dimensions that could accommodate one person comfortably, so you can make that as your standard. Take note of your height, if you like to soak your whole body straight.

Building your own hot tubsThe next thing that you should consider is the place where you would like to install your hot tub. One of the key factors when planning to build your own hot tub is the place because it could directly affect its surroundings. For instance, a high amount of water vapor rising from it would accumulate at the ceiling, which could have a pre-installed light. The contact between the water and the lightings could start a spark, damaging the lighting. One more thing about the location is that it should be able to withstand the heavy weight of the water and the person’s weight combined. With that, you should consider making your hot tub on the ground, but you have to make sure that its surrounding surface would be rough to prevent you from slipping. Lastly, be sure to have a drainage system to prevent the place form flooding.

Another important consideration is the type of wood material that you should use. It should be strong enough to hold a lot of water, and it should not shrink. Basically the wood would tell you the type of hot tub that you could make because almost all other properties would depend on it. One example of desirable wood material is oak wood, because it is very strong and weather-resistant.

To build your own hot tub, you should take note that you are actually making it to lessen the cost that you would be spending, so be sure to lay out all the materials before purchasing. All in all, building your own hot tub should be enjoyable, and at the same time, efficient.