Guides to Finding the Right Hot tub for you

Hot tubs are one way to give yourself a break after all of the hard work that you have managed to do. Stress and other tired feelings that you have can be removed, as well as the dirt and toxins within your skin once you soak in a hot water bath. Actually there are lots of health benefits involved in having a hot tub, and this include the smoother blood circulation since hot water helps the blood vessels to expand. Since blood flows better now, blood pressure would then decrease. This would then prevent the possibility of experiencing heart-related diseases such as heart attack and stroke. All of these benefits can be obtained once you get into the hot tub. But if you want to experience it whenever you want, you should purchase one for your own use. But with lots of available types of hot tubs out there, how do you find the one that will best fit with your standard? The one that you will be going home with? The answer is to establish what you are looking for in a hot tub, as well as the knowledge for the hot tub that you should purchase.

The purchasing process of any hot tub should be given enough attention as this could determine how much you would be enjoying your hot tub session. To start with, you should not buy a hot tub from an unreliable source or from that which does not have a reputation as good spa manufacturers, even if the price is relatively low. This might just be their bait for unsuspecting customers. Once the short warranty ends, you would be able to tell why.

Before you purchase, it is very important that you know the background of what you are going to buy. There are lots of information sources such as the internet. If you want to know the answers to your questions first hand, you can always call or talk to assistance, as well as with the staff of the shop. You will be surprised to see how accommodating they are.

Eliminating the unwanted hot tubs

The very first help that you can get will be actually coming from you. What are you looking for? If your answer is hot tub, then you are on the way. But then what hot tub? What size? What are the features that you want to have with it? What are the other specifications? If you can answer those and other related questions, then you can already purchase. But if you still do not, you have to find the best answers in order for you to get the best hot tub that you are looking for.

You can start with the size. If your purpose for buying a hot tub is you want to experience the leisure time in a hot water bath and enjoy the health benefits of it alone, then small hot tubs would do for you. You don’t have to invest on a very big hot tub when no one but you is going to use that. Cut the cost. However, if you are planning to use the hot tub as a venue for family gatherings such as a bonding place, the larger, the better. If you have a family with you, choose a hot tub that will cater all of you plus more. You can ask the professionals such as the spa manufacturers on how to choose based on the size of hot tubs, with you specifying the possible number of users.

You can also limit the choices by looking at the features in a hot tub. One of the most common feature of a hot tub is the water jet. Ideally, the water jets serve as massager while you are soaking in the water. The speed of the water that comes out of the water jets do the massaging process. With that in sight, you should be able to choose the hot tub which can give good water jets. There are several basis on how to say if a water jet is good or not. If it is adjustable to nearly all directions of the hot tub, then it is a plus point. In addition, if the speed of the water jets can be regulated, this is a very good sign that they are of good quality. Since the speed makes the massage, being able to set it up means being able to get the right amount of massage that you want to have. Also, be sure that the water jets are of good placement.

As technology advances, lots of innovation have been done to the hot tub, such as the control panel evolution. Nowadays, there are lots of available hot tubs which are systematically controlled by built-in programs or software for the mechanisms. There are sensors that can measure and provide you the temperature increase or decrease, as well as the pressure in the water manifested by the speed of water streams. However, this is for easier and more manageable access to the hot tub’s workings, so if you do not fancy much about this, you can still purchase the simpler ones. You can also cut the cost by doing this.

Other specifications such as the building materials should also be given enough attention. The type of material used to build you hot tub somehow dictates the lifespan of the whole hot tub. Prolonged exposure to hot water, chemicals, and other cleaning agents would deteriorate materials over time, so be sure that the materials where your hot tub is built could survive these conditions for a longer period of time. You should check the warranty to be sure, because if the warranty gives you at least 5 years, then you can somehow realize that the building material is good or bad.

There are other indications whether a spa is good or bad. To check for the details about the spa you are planning to buy, consult with the spa manufacturers or with the dealers. But first be sure that the person you are talking with is well-trained and knowledgeable about the products you are discussing. Stay away from the staff who gives you mere unsound conclusions or maybe and might-be attitude, which would later refer you to talk with other personnel. You are actually building your trust with the company, so make a friend who would be able to address your concerns properly. In addition, you can ask for services that they have done in the past, those that can provide good references for you to see their reputation. A satisfied customer can mean a lot to them. Ideally, spa manufacturers which are in business for more than two decades is one sign that they are good ones, if not the best. You can do your research to track their history to see for anomalies. Since we are already in the internet age, visit the website of the spa manufacturers where you plan to buy, for they contain a lot of information not only about them, but also about how they do with their customers. Usually a website contains the products and services that they offer, as well as the customers’ reviews regarding these matters.

Evaluating the hot tub

Once you have eliminated all the unnecessary things that you should not have in your hot tubs, you r choices would now be limited to the best ones upon which you should be more cautious. To start inspecting, you should try it before buying it, if the company permits. Take the so-called test soak to see how it would feel to be inside that hot tub. Assess if you can sit and recline comfortably. Take time to look at the level of the water because if you are in a cool climate, you would need higher soaking level to warm up yourself. For hot tubs that could accommodate more than one, both adult and children should be catered comfortably. There should be no barricade or whatsoever fence around the hot tub for it will only make the entrance more complicated.

Another thing that you should assess is the sound of the running hot tub. If it produces disturbing sound, it would beat one of the primary reasons why you are in a hot tub – peacefulness. Consider this if you are living with others, or if the place of your neighbors are close enough. A silent hot tub is also an indication of a good hot tub quality, because there would be no vibrating pumps or heating equipment within.

Check for the sanitation system. If chlorine would be present, reconsider this hot tub since this would be a health hazard especially to the lungs. You can purchase chlorine converters, but it will just make the price increase more. Just go to the other hot tub choices.

The filter is also one of the important parts of the hot tub, as this prevents the dirt and other unwanted materials from being recycled back into the water system and eventually into the hot tub surface.

Being able to know all of these specifications will surely help you on narrowing down your choices, so that other hot tubs which do not pass your quality will be removed. In addition, you would be able to select the best type of hot tub for you and your family to get the best leisure time and health benefits. A good communication with the spa manufacturers are also good ways on how to ensure that what you are planning to buy is genuine.


Looking for the Best Hot Tub Brands

Having hot tubs in your home can mean a healthier you because not only will you be exposed to several benefits, but it will also provide a place for you to think clearly about things while relaxing. But, in order to get the best experience out of your hot tub, you should be able to find the best for you, something that fits most of what you are looking for in a hot tub. What makes a hot tub the best for you? The answers for that can be based on the specifications of the hot tub itself, such as the price and the comfort that it could bring to you. These considerations will make your search for the best hot tub brands for you much easier, since you will limit yourself with the specific qualities that you would like to see. Those hot tubs that come after your considerations can be eliminated easily, leaving you only the best.

The Comfort of the Hot Tub

The main purpose of getting a hot tub for yourself is to give you a way to relax yourself after a long day’s work. With that, the hot tub brands that you should consider for yourself should be able to give you that kind of feeling. To check that out, take a look at the different features of the hot tubs. One of the first things that you should check for your comfort is the depth of your hot tub. Assess if you are already comfortable with that. The second is the feeling that you get once you are in the hot tub. This is another important key points to tell if you would have the time of your life, since you will be experiencing the real purpose of the hot tub itself. Another key point to remember is the overall safety of the hot tub, including how complicated it is to use the hot tub and whether you could use it as easy as you should. If you think that the purpose of the hot tub is met, then you are all set.

The Price of the Hot Tubs 

Perhaps the first thing that a customer sees while looking for a hot tub is the price. Most of the time, it is true that as the quality of the hot tubs increases, the price also increases. It is also a common knowledge that it is more costly to buy from a well-known hot tub brands than from those brands that only few people know. The reason is because those well-known hot tub brands have made themselves a good feedback from their customers, and they have been doing that for years. As the quality of their hot tubs continue to prosper, they are also continuing to get the trust of the customers.

Almost every other features of the hot tubs have an impact to the price of the hot tub, because if you would be having a hot tub with a lot of water jets and other features such as more seats and control mechanisms, then the price is going upwards. But worry not because you can still have an affordable hot tub by eliminating those features that you do not really need. Just a simple hot tub will be able to give you a real good relaxation time.

Nearly all hot tub brands come with a warranty for a certain time, so you should be able to use it in case that you can’t be satisfied with what you are getting gout of your hot tub.

Checking out for these few considerations will get you to the best hot tub out there for you!


Variety of Hot Tub Parts

Hot tubs are actually one of the most used item or feature at any home. Basically, it can be used for relaxation, massage sessions and even just for bonding with intimate friends or family members. Because it is frequently used, a lot of users are now getting curious and are now in hunting mode for different hot tub parts or spa parts to ensure that they are getting the best and the finest service quality from their hot tubs. Since hot tubs are very expensive and can be considered as a luxury, owners of such item are interested in keeping them well maintained and of course this can be done through further upgrading and innovating of some of the hot tub parts.

Always Check These Parts!

Hot Tub PartsThere are basically four main foundations in any hot tub namely the pump, filter, heater and the control system. You always need to look or check at these four parts because they are the ones which really work in order to come up with a result of great performance and immense safety. If ever, one of these stopped or failed to work or perform, you’ll immediately notice the difference which would result to less relaxation and massage. Moreover, some recently and high end hot tubs come with jets. These jets function for intensive execution of hydrotherapy.

How do these parts work?

The pump is basically the most essential and crucial part of any hot tub because it is the one which functions as the circulator of the water. The pump of a hot tub resembles the heart of a human being, without it, pumping and circulating blood throughout the body system, the person dies. Just like that, once the pump malfunctions, the hot tub would be unusable. The pump collaborates with the other two important parts of a hot tub, the jet and the filter. The pump works in a low speed when it performs together with the filter. On the other hand, it works in high speed, when performing with the jet in order to deliver a great massage performance. The size and the number of pump varies depending on how big the hot tub is. For standard hot tubs, only one pump comes along with it while luxurious hot tubs can constitute up to two to three pumps.

Moving on, the control of the hot tub is as equally important as the pump. The control resembles the brain of the human being, which controls, commands and manipulates every part of the human system. The control of the hot tub is the key to function all the other parts of the hot tub, from the jets, pumps, heaters and to the filters of the hot tub. The control is also commonly known as the spa pack. Aside from controlling the major parts of the hot tub, it is only in charge of manipulating the various sub parts and features of hot tub. Through it, you’ll be able to control the water temperature, the intensive levels and the color of hot tub lights and the powering up of the ozonator. Once the control of the hot tubs malfunctions or fails to perform, the hot tub or the spa experience you’ll be getting would absolutely be a disaster.

The heater of the hot tub has of course the function of heating the water whether you are in or out of the tub. Through this hot tub part, the water which circulates around the tub would be warmed as you wanted it to be. Through the control of the hot tub, you can set the range or the exact water temperature you prefer. However, it is highly suggested that in order to prevent any dehydration or skin burns, the hot tub heater temperature should never go beyond 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This should strictly be followed for further protection and safety purposes.spa parts

In order to make sure that the water circulating in the hot tub is crystal clear and absolutely clean, the hot tub filters are placed in all regions of the hot tub. The filters make sure that there are not organic bacteria and germs are roaming around the water which may be drunk by hot tub users. Also these bacteria may infect the skin your skin and your fellow users. In order to strengthen the cleaning effect, some chemicals are needed like Bromine or Chlorine. These chemicals have the job to make sure that even the very small or the minute bacteria and contaminants are killed and eliminated. In many recently manufactured and released hot tub, ozonators are the new type of filters in which they make use of a certain type of light which generates ozone. Ozone is one of the most effective to kill organic materials. Through the ozonator, reduction of chemicals injected in the tub can be observed. You can control the filtering settings through the hot tub’s pack.

The other sub parts of hot tubs are hydro jet, blowers, cabinets and hot tub lights. The hydro jet is in charge in creating bubbles for an intensive hydrotherapy. Blowers came before the hydro jet which also have the same purpose as those of hydro jets, however, not as strong and as powerful as the latter.

Check the parts of your hot tubs regularly in order to maintain that wonderful spa experience. You can also check various hot accessories and other hot tubs parts which may include sundance hot tub parts, balboa hot tub parts, colemanhot tub parts, sundance spa parts, calspa parts, leisure bay hot tub parts, dimension one spa parts, master spa parts, tiger river spa parts and a lot more!


Leisure Bay Spa parts: Finding the Right one

In order to get the optimum performance you want on your hot tub or spa, there might come a time which you may want to get extra or additional parts to make sure that you are getting an absolute relaxation and serenity from hopping in. Of course, it is preferred that if your hot tub is a leisure bay hot tub or spa, it would be a lot better if you get parts from leisure bay itself. Aside from its affordability, you’ll of course get the highest quality and durability from availing it, maintaining the quality that your hot tub spa had when it was all brand new.

Buffet of Leisure Bay Spa parts

Of course, in your leisure bay home hot tub or spa, you’ll be able to see various types, kinds and of course classifications of tools and equipment. These things contribute to the amazing, spectacular and delightful hoe spa experience of yours, from its durability down to its insulations making sure that you’ll get only your desired temperature and you’ll be able to save your energy in a maximum manner. Some of these parts are filters, control, Spa Park, pumps and heaters.

When it comes to talking about the control of a home spa, you can choose from two types namely the digital control and the air control. Well of course, you have to be careful in picking which control you’ll be getting for your home spa because it would affect its performance. However, most owners really don’t know the difference of the two from each other. Basically, first you should check in order to determine which control you’ll be buying are the control buttons.  The control buttons found on air control are totally different from those found on digital control. Let us discuss first the former part, usually instead of seeing digital figures, you’ll see air hoses on it. On the other hand, the control buttons would display that is it is digital to indicate that it is type of control that is digital.Leisure Bay Spa parts

The second thing you have to check in order to determine which type of control it is, is of course the position of the heater. The leisure bay home spa hot tub that is digital usually has its heater along the control box’s base. One of the main vision upheld by Leisure bay spa, is no other than innovation through the highest technology. Having said that, they have released another feature that would surely draw not only owners of spa but also new clients and customers. This feature is known to be Flexfit Digital System. Well, basically there are three massive uses for this:

  • It can be used to very small hot tubs, so you don’t have to worry about where to buy this kind of control setting part.
  • Likewise, it can also be used with those hot tubs which runs in a 24 hour pump.
  • Lastly and the most amazing thing is, it can be used with home spas and hot tubs which were released even up to ten years ago. Owners of ten year old hot tubs usually have this problem because there are no more hot tub parts which are available for the kind of spa they have. More often, they are already faced out or you have to pay for a custom one which of course would cost a lot of cash,

Aside from the control, one of the most used parts is no other than the heater. Well, basically, heater is one of the core elements in your leisure bay spa. Without it, you’ll never feel relaxed, it’s just like having a small pool. The heater can be classified into three types. Definitely, you have to pick the appropriate one for your tub in order to get only the perfect performance everyone’s desires. Leisure bay spa never stops in giving utmost convenience and easiness to their clients through their inventions of the universal type of heater. This kind of heater is designed and can be utilized in all types of leisure bay hot tubs. Do you’ll have no problem whether your hot tub is like this or like that. Simple as that and problem solved. You don’t have to make a full research on which you should get because universal heaters would definitely work on its finest with the use of it. Another factor you should consider when purchasing heaters is the dimension of it. make sure that its right  for your tub, you don’t want to compromise you hot tub experience just because you were not able to check the right size and dimensions of it you can check the dimension through research. Of course, when you buy a heater, it is highly advisable that you get an original one, you don’t want any damage done to your hot tub and yourself through buying fake one which can easily get worn out and may contain various defects. Another important leisure bay spas parts is no other than the pumps, the pumps come in a variety of shapes and designs, so you can selects depending on your personal taste. Before availing one, scrutinize it very well because you don’t want to end up having a dirty water.

Where do I buy leisure Bay Spas parts?

Well basically, there are lots of specialty stores offering hot tub parts and accessories. There are also many online sores you can check out. Most of the parts offered in stores are spa parts, sundance spa parts, cal spa parts, vita spa parts, balboa spa parts, tiger river spa parts and coleman spa parts.