The Balboa Hot Tub Standard

The Balboa Water Group is one of the best known companies in the line of hot tub filters, hot tub covers, and other hot tub parts that it has become a household name and a one-stop-shop for all your hot tub spa needs. Over the span of 20 years, Balboa Spa has time and time again proven its quality, particularly its bread and butter—the Balboa hot tub.

What makes all Balboa hot tubs stand out is the unique M7 temperature flow sensor system that is unprecedented and has been unparalleled since it came out. The M7 gives you the following benefits which have attracted and kept loyal customers for decades.

  • Balboa hot tub controls are superior because of electronic non-pressure switches that make operation and repair a breeze. With the patented Piezo switch technology, you can rest assured that the spa does not have issues like air gaps, exposed electric wires, or mobbing parts that can put your family’s safety in jeopardy.
  • You don’t have to worry about unnecessary and excessive cycling because your Balboa portable hot tub is equipped with smart sensors for accurate water flow and temperature regulation.
  • Balboa spa controls eliminate annoying electrical noise that you would often hear from other spa products.
  • You don’t need a lot of holes on your floor or wall to install Balboa hot tub parts. Balboa spa parts are safeguarded from corrosion, so the life span is significantly prolonged.

Balboa Hot TubThe state-of-the-art Balboa M7 technology controls temperature so you don’t have to worry about any possibility of malfunctioning pressure switches. Balboa hot tubs are relatively easier to install since you don’t have to grind a lot of holes, and the Balboa hot tub manual makes you feel like a pro when fixing problems with your inflatable hot tub by simply following the instructions. Looking at hot tub prices in the market, Balboa products are surely worth every dollar you spend because of high quality and durability.

Go check out the customer reviews on Balboa products to see for yourself how many satisfied customers has the company kept over the years. Customers go to Balboa to get the ultimate spa experience, and they deserve nothing less. You are looking for relaxation and comfort at home, so why bother yourself with cheap hot tubs that break down every now and then? With a Balboa spa, you can just enjoy the warm water and unwind as the therapeutic jets drive your stress and worries away.

What’s more, Balboa Water Group gives excellent customer and after-sales service with maintenance, upgrades, and repairs that cover all its products, including hydromassage jets, LED lights, hot tub covers, blowers, heaters, jet pumps, and so on. Does any other company come close? Balboa products also come with a huge selection of accessories, from dual and single puimps, cords and lights, ozonators, and the famous Balboa Control Systems.

Just like any tub, though, a Balboa hot tub requires regular maintenance to keep it in tiptop condition. You need to purchase accessories to prolong its longevity and quality. You can use foam covers, floating blankets, and tub covers to protect its parts and conserve water and energy in the process.