The People’s Choice: Inflatable Hot Tub

In order to bring hot tubs and spas closer to average earner customers, a lot of tub manufacturing companies have come up to a certain type of hot tub which is cheaper, affordable yet very convenient and easy to use, none other than the inflatable hot tub. The inflatable hot tub has only been released a few years ago, however, the demand of the clients and customers has been immense. A lot of them patronized this kind of hot tub because aside from the fact that the price is within the budget of many consumers, it is very user friendly.

Conventional Hot Tub or Inflatable Hot Tub?

Well basically, both conventional hot tub and inflatable hot tub give relaxation and peace of mind to users. The heat and the light to moderate massage provide utmost serenity to anyone who is immersed in the tub. Albeit, both have the same purpose, there are still some differences which make the former unique from the latter. Also, these differences can help you a lot in your decision making on which to get.

Inflatable Hot Tub
Obviously, the main advantage of the inflatable hot tub is no other than its convenience and flexibility. Once this type of hot tub gets deflated, you can just fold it and put it any flat surface. Due to this reason, you can bring it whenever and wherever you like, maybe to your friend’s house for a spa or tea party or to any part of your house if you don’t feel like having your spa at your backyard. Likewise, inflatable hot tubs can be plugged in any area because it runs in 120 volts. Truly, due to its great accessibility and immense flexibility, you can have your spa anytime and anywhere you may go. Furthermore, you’ll not only be able to save your money from the selling prices of inflatable hot tubs but also with its operational costs. Inflatable hot tubs consumes electrical and water energies significantly lower than those of conventional hot tubs. Because of this, you don’t have to limit the hours you relax in your tub.

On the other hand, conventional hot tubs have also its strong points which make it stand out from the former type of hot tub. Conventional hot tubs are definitely made from materials of strength and sturdiness. Due to this reason, it is greatly more durable than those of inflatable hot tubs which are made from light materials which is the reason why it is convenient and easy to bring. Conventional Hot tubs can withstand various serious weather conditions and are proven to be worn and torn. Also, they are likely to last long if properly maintained due to the high quality the conventional hot tubs offer. The next advantage of conventional hot tub is the hydro jets. The hydro jets which are found in conventional hot tubs make sure that you get a high quality and great performance of hydrotherapy through the intense creation of bubbles which in turn results to a better massage. Unlike the hydro jets found in conventional hot tubs, only blowers which are predecessors of hydro jets can be found in inflatable hot tubs.Inflatable Spa

Moreover, the insulating materials used in conventional type of hot tubs are actually proven to hold and maintain heat longer than those of inflatable hot tubs. Due to this reason, the inflatable hot tubs are more prone to faster cooling of water and heat loss. Likewise, the setting up of the inflatable type of hot tubs is absolutely tiring and requires a lot of effort. First thing, you need to have an air pump or machine that will supply and deliver air to your hot tub which would inflate it and make it sturdy. Next thing is once, it already standing on the ground, you have to manually fill it up with the right amount of water. Lastly, you have to wait for a couple of minutes in order for you to enjoy your desired temperature. When you are done using it, of course, you have to take the water out from the tub through draining and also, you need to wait for few more moments to take the air out of it. Make sure you got all the air out in order to prevent lumps and slight balloons which maybe prone to damage and further destruction.

Times when an Inflatable Tub Suits You

Clearly. Conventional hot tubs are more advisable to be bought and purchased when considering buying hot tubs, but when are the moments that an inflatable tub is a better option? Getting an inflatable hot tub would be a better option when talking about your low budgets and temporary place. Inflatable hot tubs costs less and since it is transferrable, you don’t have to worry if you’re just staying at a rented place because you can bring it along once you decided to move out.

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