Top picks for 8-person Hot Tubs

When deciding on which hot tub to buy, the tub size is one of the first things that have to be considered. There are different sizes to choose from to accommodate up to eight users at a time, so it would be prudent to buy the best hot tubs whose size matches your needs. Eight people can share a large tub comfortably, whether they are guests, friends, or family. Large tubs provide adequate space so that even if there are few users, there is more than enough room for everybody to stretch out and relax. These large tubs also require bigger space in the room or yard and may be cumbersome to move from place to place. They also consume more water, electricity, and more spaces to clean after use. Not only do you have to look at 8-person hot tub prices while shopping; you also have to bear in mind important factors like size, weight, and electricity consumption along with other components. Here are some hot tub reviews to guide you in choosing the best hot tub for you and your loved ones.

  1. Spa Guy Spas MPS-52

8-person Hot TubsThe Spa Guy Spas MPS-52 is a budget-friendly mid-size spa that is perfect for pool parties. With a diameter of seven feet across, it has a seat capacity of eight persons. The seats are designed to give a different feel because of varying heights; you can choose to sit on a low area and be immersed in water or simply wiggle your toes in shallow water.

The MPS-52 is affordable and offers solid features that make the bath tub worth your every cent. It has 52 jets, a robust pump, LED lights for a soft glow effect, and an ozone sanitation for filtering waste. The compact 82-inch, 425-gallon body allows the tub to be easily maintained and carried around than other portable hot tubs.

  1. Arctic Spas Ponoma Hot Tub

The Arctic Spas Ponoma Hot Tub is ideal for the budget-conscious buyer because not only it is affordable, but it also consumes less electricity and water. It seats up to eight adults in a 91-inch, 500-gallon tub with 75 jets and waterfall feature. The Ponoma Hot Tub offers a unique targeted massage experience, advanced filtration system, and automated controls. It also comes with standard LED lighting.


  1. Caldera Spa Utopia Cantabria

If you’re looking for a high-end, luxury home spa, the Caldera Spa Utopia Cantabria will surely exceed your expectations. It conveniently accommodates up to eight persons in a 108-inch body and 550-gallon capacity. Your friends and family can relax in bucket seats, and there is one recliner for you as the host. The 74 powerful jets can be programmed to run on three various speeds and pumps in sync with the two waterfalls. Other luxury features include the programmable sound system and multi-colored LED lights, making the Utopia Cantabria an enviable outdoor hot tub.


  1. Cal Spas Diamond D970N

If you’re looking for a spacious outdoor hot tub, the Cal Spas Diamond is perfect for you. Stretching up to nine feet in diameter, the 800-galon Cal Spas Diamond is a rectangular hot tub that comes with bucket seats, a recliner seat, and benches so it’s up to you how to find your most comfortable spot. The 70 powerful jets with LED lights and cascade waterfall mimic a natural landscape while giving you a relaxing experience. You even have the option to buy air-injected and supercharged jets for superior pumping power in its three-way pump. The Cal Spas Diamond boasts state-of-the-art filter technology, pumps, and motors to ensure convenient maintenance and energy efficiency.

  1. Bullfrog A8 Hot Tub

B8-person spaullfrog is a household name when it comes to bath tubs. You would usually see a Bullfrog 4 person hot tub or 6 person hot tub in appliance centers, but the Bullfrog A8 is a 580-gallon portable hot tub that can cater to 8 adults, making it perfect for friends and family to have a party in. Although the Bullfrog A8 doesn’t have recliner seats, it comes with adequate seating capacity and seven bucket seats so you your friends can unwind with their arms and legs spread out. The eight seats is reserved for children or cooling down after a warm bath. Bullfrog offers customizable jet packs so you can choose the jet formation (up to 267 jets) that you want. Other optional luxury additions are the speaker system and quiet circulation pump.

  1. Jacuzzi J-495 Hot Tub

The J-495 Jacuzzi hot tub is popular among the largest bath tubs around with a whopping 520-gallon capacity to with 62 powerful jets and three pumps. What’s more, the J-495 comes with amazing features for your best relaxation and comfort. The jets can be programmed to give a whole-body massage. With the patented diverter function, your friends can customize the massage settings for each seat for a unique spa experience.



You certainly want to keep your inflatable hot tub in tiptop shape, so be sure to regularly maintain and clean it as necessary. Some hot tub parts or hot tub filters may need to be replaced to ensure optimal functioning. While some accessories are optional, there are some parts that you can invest on to get the most out of your home spa experience. Fortunately, there are a lot of various hot tub accessories to choose from. Before buying any hot tub accessory, though, be sure to test its compatibility with your tub’s brand and model.


  1. Hot tub cover

A hot tub cover is an essential accessory for hot tubs to keep dirt and dust out. It also also regulates the tub’s temperature to prevent heat loss or freezing of water.

  1. Hot tub steps

These are used to assist you in getting in and out of the tub. There are hot tub steps that are creatively designed with storage compartments beneath.

  1. Hot tub stereo systems

These are splash-proof and rust-resistant sound systems that must be compatible with your hot tub model.

  1. Hot tub shelves

Tub shelves are used as cradles for food and beverages so you can eat and drink while you lounge in a Jacuzzi.

  1. Hot tub filter

Hot tub filters keep your hot tub squeaky clean. They may need to be replaced every six months or as recommended by the manufacturer.


8-person Hot TubOnline shoppers can choose from a huge variety of spas and hot tubs on legitimate websites like eBay and Amazon, including those listed above and many cheap hot tubs. Buying a hot tub is not an easy decision to make, so take some time to educate yourself about the best hot tub for your needs. Thoroughly read the details of the product that you are looking at. Take note of important things like how to install the tub, its size relative your bathroom, and the accessories included free of charge. Moreover, ask about the shipping policies since prices are much higher if the tub is shipped from a far location. It takes some patience to look for hot tubs with free shipping, but it’s definitely worth the effort. You can find the option “Free Shipping” on the left-hand side of eBay. You can also compare hot tub prices and look for used hot tubs for sale.


A large 8-person hot tub may be the best if you are planning to accept guests and have them share your home spa experience. High-end, luxury tubs have amazing features like custom jets, advanced water filters, beautiful LED lights, and other included accessories. Ebay is a great shopping place for a wide selection of hot tubs within your budget range.