Variety of Hot Tub Parts

Hot tubs are actually one of the most used item or feature at any home. Basically, it can be used for relaxation, massage sessions and even just for bonding with intimate friends or family members. Because it is frequently used, a lot of users are now getting curious and are now in hunting mode for different hot tub parts or spa parts to ensure that they are getting the best and the finest service quality from their hot tubs. Since hot tubs are very expensive and can be considered as a luxury, owners of such item are interested in keeping them well maintained and of course this can be done through further upgrading and innovating of some of the hot tub parts.

Always Check These Parts!

Hot Tub PartsThere are basically four main foundations in any hot tub namely the pump, filter, heater and the control system. You always need to look or check at these four parts because they are the ones which really work in order to come up with a result of great performance and immense safety. If ever, one of these stopped or failed to work or perform, you’ll immediately notice the difference which would result to less relaxation and massage. Moreover, some recently and high end hot tubs come with jets. These jets function for intensive execution of hydrotherapy.

How do these parts work?

The pump is basically the most essential and crucial part of any hot tub because it is the one which functions as the circulator of the water. The pump of a hot tub resembles the heart of a human being, without it, pumping and circulating blood throughout the body system, the person dies. Just like that, once the pump malfunctions, the hot tub would be unusable. The pump collaborates with the other two important parts of a hot tub, the jet and the filter. The pump works in a low speed when it performs together with the filter. On the other hand, it works in high speed, when performing with the jet in order to deliver a great massage performance. The size and the number of pump varies depending on how big the hot tub is. For standard hot tubs, only one pump comes along with it while luxurious hot tubs can constitute up to two to three pumps.

Moving on, the control of the hot tub is as equally important as the pump. The control resembles the brain of the human being, which controls, commands and manipulates every part of the human system. The control of the hot tub is the key to function all the other parts of the hot tub, from the jets, pumps, heaters and to the filters of the hot tub. The control is also commonly known as the spa pack. Aside from controlling the major parts of the hot tub, it is only in charge of manipulating the various sub parts and features of hot tub. Through it, you’ll be able to control the water temperature, the intensive levels and the color of hot tub lights and the powering up of the ozonator. Once the control of the hot tubs malfunctions or fails to perform, the hot tub or the spa experience you’ll be getting would absolutely be a disaster.

The heater of the hot tub has of course the function of heating the water whether you are in or out of the tub. Through this hot tub part, the water which circulates around the tub would be warmed as you wanted it to be. Through the control of the hot tub, you can set the range or the exact water temperature you prefer. However, it is highly suggested that in order to prevent any dehydration or skin burns, the hot tub heater temperature should never go beyond 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This should strictly be followed for further protection and safety parts

In order to make sure that the water circulating in the hot tub is crystal clear and absolutely clean, the hot tub filters are placed in all regions of the hot tub. The filters make sure that there are not organic bacteria and germs are roaming around the water which may be drunk by hot tub users. Also these bacteria may infect the skin your skin and your fellow users. In order to strengthen the cleaning effect, some chemicals are needed like Bromine or Chlorine. These chemicals have the job to make sure that even the very small or the minute bacteria and contaminants are killed and eliminated. In many recently manufactured and released hot tub, ozonators are the new type of filters in which they make use of a certain type of light which generates ozone. Ozone is one of the most effective to kill organic materials. Through the ozonator, reduction of chemicals injected in the tub can be observed. You can control the filtering settings through the hot tub’s pack.

The other sub parts of hot tubs are hydro jet, blowers, cabinets and hot tub lights. The hydro jet is in charge in creating bubbles for an intensive hydrotherapy. Blowers came before the hydro jet which also have the same purpose as those of hydro jets, however, not as strong and as powerful as the latter.

Check the parts of your hot tubs regularly in order to maintain that wonderful spa experience. You can also check various hot accessories and other hot tubs parts which may include sundance hot tub parts, balboa hot tub parts, colemanhot tub parts, sundance spa parts, calspa parts, leisure bay hot tub parts, dimension one spa parts, master spa parts, tiger river spa parts and a lot more!