What’s new in Dimension One Spa?

However beautiful your bathroom setup is, there will come a time when you’ll just get tired of seeing the same thing every single day. It gets old, and you just want to refresh your senses with something new while you relax in your hot tub. You need a makeover. Dimension One Spas never seems to run out of innovative ideas for swim spas and hot tub accessories since this family-run business was founded 35 years ago. The most recent addition is the line of @home D1 hot tubs that will surely redefine your home spa experience.

Driven by the overwhelmingly good response from the features of the latest model called the Meridian, Dimension One streamlined the designs of the eight Dimension One Spas, including the LED lights, sound system, and control panel. The company enhanced all Dimension One Spa parts to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by synergizing fair price, performance, and luxury.Dimension One Spa

Here are reasons for you to get excited about each of the eight tubs.

  • New jet color available – a unique, polished titanium and graphite mix with new reverse decorative plates that make the jets really stand out.
  • The matching graphite look on the headrest, control panel, and other dimension one spa parts afford a classy, exciting new look.
  • Threaded jets – now it’s easier to change jets since you just have to screw and unscrew them. You can also change jet nozzle sizes to make your water massage personalized based on your needs.
  • The new Crystal FX lighting equipped with LEDs will put on the relaxing atmosphere that brings nature closer to you.
  • The improved MP3 compatibility in the speakers inside the tub can now play more audio file types. If you’re worried about your iPod or phone getting wet, you can safely stash it inside the little built-in niche with a door.
  • The hydraulic system has been buffed up, too, with powerful jets that will take the therapeutic massage to the next level.

The hot tub collection from Dimension One Spa has been much speculated on in the summer of 2012. Dimension One has been persistently innovating its wide range of environment-friendly portable hot tubs to give customers only the best spa experience they deserve. Thus, customers can choose from energy-saving yet luxurious line of Dimension One hot tubs, including accessories like Dimension One Spa filters, and Dimension One Spa filters, Dimension One Spa covers.